Overbuilt Vintage Tone

ampsAt Keystone Amplifiers we love 50s era amplifiers. Clean circuits unencumbered by tone sucking “features” gives these amplifiers a raw, earthy sound that simply cannot be replicated by tools of the digital age.

After years of keeping vintage amps alive by swapping aging components, we realized that there were enough high quality replacement parts available to build 50s era amplifiers completely from scratch with all new components. We searched tirelessly to source the best parts to build the finest quality tweed era amplifiers. Every amp is handcrafted from circuit boards to cabinets by the folks at Keystone and tested in real world conditions by our Keystone artists.

The results speak for themselves. These amplifiers retain the mojo of their 1950s counterparts while providing a level of reliability and sonic purity never equaled by the originals. We took the lessons learned from working on vintage amps and integrated popular modifications and eliminated common points of failure to produce amplifiers that will please even the most discriminating player.

We produce stock models, artist editions and custom builds for professional musicians, studios and serious players. Drop us a line. We would love to talk to you about your next amplifier.

– Mark & Dave