We met John Rossey of Mountain Road at a Keystone Amp demo in a guitar shop in Hershey, Pennsylvania. John fell hard for a Quaker with huge sounding Celestion Blue. The tone of the huge sounding amp haunted him and he stayed in touch as he figured out how to make it happen. What he didn’t know at the time is that his playing haunted us. His style, touch and telecaster mastery were the perfect complement to the Quaker. We brought a Quaker to a Mountain Road show for him to try out and we haven’t seen it since.

Pugilist5f1We were also pleasantly surprised to see what lead singer Kevin Cole did to our Pugilist model with his tele. We thought he was an acoustic only guy. Nope! He put the hurt on that little amp. I left the amp with him…where it belongs.

Mountain Road is why we build these amps. We are proud and privileged to be along for the ride.