Chaz Depaulo

Chaz met Mark from Keystone in a freezing cold practice space as Chaz was preparing his band for a gig at the B.B. King club in NYC. His old Bassman needed a little love before the gig and Mark was happy to help. They immediately discovered a shared passion for chasing vintage tone and have been chasing it together ever since. It was Chaz’s sonic palette and input (he knows his stuff!) that inspired the design of his signature DePaolo 13 Keystone Amp. Big, bold, single-ended 6L6 tone with independent control over gain in both preamp and power amp sections. We thought it sounded pretty good. Then we gave it to Chaz and realized we had created something very special together.

Chaz is why we build Keystone Amps. He isn’t some weekend warrior playing the local bar. He is a professional musician and works himself and his amplifier harder than anybody we know. It is only when a player of his caliber plugs into a Keystone amplifier that we can really understand what we have accomplished with these fine instruments.

You can learn more about Chaz by visiting