Keystone Amp School with Chaz DePaolo

We are so lucky at Keystone Amplifiers to have the opportunity to work with great artists as we design our vintage tone masterpieces. When we say we work with these artists we mean it. They don’t just walk in and sign their name to a design. We spend a huge amount of time together helping them find just the right sound. They become family and we look to each other for more than just tone.

When we told Chaz about the launch of the first publicly available Keystone Amps he asked if he could help us out. We were thrilled. How else could you get a player of this caliber to show up at a local guitar shop to demo your amps?

What he did next thrilled us even more. Not only did he show up to play his signature Keystone prototype, he gave a clinic on how he gets the amp to nail different styles and what settings and pedals he uses to make it happen. One of the attendees gleefully referred to it as “Keystone Amp School”. Fortunately we decided at the last minute to film it just in case something special happened that day. It did. He played until our 8GB SD card was full…and then some! Sorry about missing the ending of Voodoo Chile. Headed out today to get a 16GB card just for him. Nobody works harder than this guy.

Thank you Chaz! We are so happy to have you in our lives. You are why we make Keystone Amps.