Vintage Tone Shouldn’t Require a Tetanus Shot.

At Keystone Amplifiers we offer an alternative to scratchy pots, dried out electrolytics, leaky coupler caps, rotting eyelet boards and intermittent gremlins common in older amplifiers.

We cut our teeth restoring tweed and blackface era amplifiers. After years of seeing the same issues over and over we realized that we could make a better sounding amp that was more reliable and absolutely beautiful inside and out.

A ’57 Tweed Deluxe found its way into our workshop one day and after a thorough internal restoration we were so impressed with the tone that we rolled up our sleeves and built our own. Of course ours had a much nicer cabinet, a three way boost-cut and negative feedback option and after being disgusted by the smell and appearance of the ancient eyelet board we built our own board from scratch.

We never stopped innovating and sometimes outright copying the best mods that have been introduced into these old workhorses. We enlisted professional musicians to help us test our instruments in real world conditions playing a variety of musical styles. The amplifiers performed very well and after a few final tweaks we decided to open our production up to the public. In 2016 our first publicly available amplifiers hit the street and the solder iron has been hot ever since.

This isn’t about building a million amps or making a million dollars. This is about doing one thing as well as it can possibly be done. It can be overwhelming and sometimes a bit frightening but at the end of the day when we hear a professional musician hit the boost switch and cut the negative feedback, there is no doubt in our minds that we did our job very, very well.

We want to build your last amplifier. Drop us a line and we can discuss coverings, tubes and speakers. We speak your language and our goal is to make you sound as good as you can be.