Orion Freeman

Go ahead and try to classify Philadelphia’s Orion Freeman. You just can’t do it. We were lucky enough to get an introduction and somehow managed to get him hooked up to an early Keystone prototype. Needless to say we were blown away by his raw talent and the soulful nature of his music. We formed a friendship and he agreed to become a Keystone artist…if…we could build his amp from bamboo! Yep, he wanted an amp built from sustainable bamboo. We happily agreed and made for him the “Freeman Sustainable 5f1” that was used on his LP The Divine Game. He has become an important figure in our lives and recently even took over our off the grid recording space (okay it is a remote cabin really) to lay down some new tracks.

Watch for this guy. I guarantee you have never seen anything like him. You can learn more at OrionFreeman.com